Paninis & Sandwiches

Paninis & Sandwiches   9

All paninis and sandwiches are served with seasoned vegetable chips and Halliday’s Bread and Butter Pickles.


Smoked Turkey and Bacon   9
A reinvented classic. Smoked turkey is accompanied by melted sharp cheddar, fresh tomato and spring greens with a roasted garlic mustard spread.

Rustic Tomato Basil Ham   9
Pioneering off the bone ham, baby swiss, red sweet onion ribbons, fresh spring greens and a delightful tomato basil spread.

Jesse’s Trail Special   9
A historic mix of trail bologna, baby swiss and fresh spring greens with a dollop of hot pepper butter.

Roasted Garden Vegetable   9
Farmhouse vegetables of portobello mushroom, red sweet onion ribbons, and roasted red pepper stacked on ciabatta bread with a cucumber dill spread.

Bistro Apple   9
Thinly sliced apples with sharp cheddar, crisp bacon and a tangy bistro sauce.

Grilled Four Cheese Panini   9
Loads of swiss, cheddar, colby, and muenster melted as your remember. Topped with our tomato basil sauce and finished with luscious tomato slices.


Chicken Club   9
Grilled chicken and crisp bacon folded in toasted flatbread with a tangy bistro sauce, spring mix, tomato and red sweet onion.

<strong>Grilled Chicken Sliders   9
Three sliders with grilled chicken and sauteed onions, spinach leaves, sharp asiago cheese and a cool ranch sauce.

Spinach Portobello Asiago    9
Toasted flatbread filled with portobello mushrooms, spinach leaves, sharp asiago cheese and a cool ranch sauce.

Philly Cheese Steak    9
Philly steak, grilled onions, peppers, mozzarella, served on flatbread or hoagie. Also available in Chicken.

Italian Sandwich   9
Ham, salami, pepporoni, baby Swiss, hot pepper spread and
banana peppers.

Gyro   9
Tomatoes, onion, gyro meat and tzatziki sauce folded in a warm pita