Thanksgiving Joy

An 1800’s Thanksgiving

Excerpt from The Legend of Jesse Halliday

By 1815 Jesse had a house full of five growing children and a wife to care for. The harvest was in and the last preparations were being made to carry Jesse and his family through the long Ohio winter. Life was hard and chores demanding, but holiday celebrations provided a strong focal point for the communities to bond, celebrate the harvest and identify with their heritage. Thanksgiving was a truly, joyous occasion.

This Thanksgiving was the best one that Jesse remembered. The grist mill had done well, most of his workers were happy – and his family was healthy and doing well. Meats were plentiful throughout the year, but Thanksgiving dinner was special. Jesse was especially proud that his youngest son Jesse Jr., on his first solo hunting trip, killed the turkey that dressed their table. And, now, with dusk on the horizon, Jesse was enjoying the favorite part of his day. Kids in bed, Sarah mending some clothes, Jesse was watching the flames dance in his fireplace while petting the dog – and drink his favorite red. How could life be better?

Excerpts from The Legend of Jesse Halliday