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Craig’s Landing   6 / 17 
Fine Rose blended from select Ohio red (Chambourcin) and white (Vidal and Seyval Blanc) grapes. SWEET

Darak Sunrise   6 / 17 
This light-bodied red is full of concord fruit flavor. Lush, soft and smooth. Fresh grape aromas and flavors provide a distinctive, juicy taste. SEMI SWEET

Mozina Creek   7 / 19
Delightful Merlot with Chambourcin and Chancellor hybrids added for character. This well-balanced wine offers aromas of juicy red berries, off dry, fruity characteristics and a touch of light oak. SEMI DRY

Jesse’s Red    9 / 25 
A dry wine exhibiting black cherry, strawberry, red floral and herbal notes. Medium-bodied in the mouth with soft tannins and brightness. Very friendly with an array of foods. DRY

White Wines

Sweet Sarah   6 / 17 
Niagara grapes build the foundation of this wine’s sweet, natural nectar taste. Candied lemon rind flavor with hints of Jasmine high notes. SWEET

Carosello   8 / 22 
Distinctive Riesling with aromas of white peach, pear, mineral and floral accents. Rich mouth feel. Bright on the palate creating an appealing balance of fruit and acid. SEMI SWEET

Pricetown Original   7 / 19 
Chardonnay constructed of an enticing blend of grapes creates a melange of pear, crisp apple and grapefruit flavors. A round, easy-drinking white that is a delight on its own or with a companion meal. SEMI DRY

Jacob’s Choice   7 / 19 
Pinot Grigio blend made from slow-ripening grapes. Complex aromas of vanilla, apple, zesty lime and hazelnut with a hint of floral. Flavors are enhanced by partial barrel fermentation. DRY

Kane’s Best    7 / 19 
Medium bodied white wine has a clean floral bouquet. Vivid overtones of ripe pear and citrus follow through to a cool crisp finish. SEMI SWEET

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Red, White, Special, Seasonal    6 / 20


Original, Special, Seasonal   6 Rg / 8 Lg


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Enjoy a glass of our fine honey wine.
Courtesy of NE Ohio bee colonies    8 / 44 

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